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Locum FACEMs in Bendigo

Bendigo is a busy department where the FACEM plays a pivitol role in ensuring the community is safe.  There are often less resources available than city hospitals you are used to, with unfamiliar junior staff and unfamiliar local processes.

Weekends are a time with heightened resource scarcity, and are a time of particular risk.  Weekend patients where locums are involved tend to feature not infrequently in the monthly morbidity and mortality meeting and complaints.

In an effort to mitigate the risk to our patients we ask you to read the medical orientation manual that all junior doctors must read, and also the registrar supplement.  Its under the DOCTORS tab at ED Central. You need a login offsite but none onsite. Di Price or Aaron Monro will supply you with a login if not already. Bendigo Referral options on ED Central explains what resources you have available to you.

There is also a strong culture of FACEMs being involved and making decisions before juniors refer to inpatient units.  Our staff are often junior and we try to make it to the bedside as a teaching and supervision opportunity when possible. Making the trip to the bedside is rarely unrewarding.

As always the ANUM is an incredible resource.

Short Stay is for high turnover (4 to 24 hours stays on a pathway).

Thank you very much for helping to look after our community safely.

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