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Registrar teaching and exam preparation

You have protected, paid, teaching provided every Wednesday morning from 8:30am-1pm.  It is expected that you attend, unless of course you are on leave or nightshifts.  Any absences must be communicated and explained with the responsible DEMT, just as you would for a clinical shift, and will be monitored.

Active participation and contribution is expected, and you will be given opportunities to present throughout the year. You will also be required to lead a Morbidity and Mortality meeting, generally once per year, with the support of Dr Richard Smith, Deputy Director and M+M lead.

We have a tradition of starting our teaching sessions with “interesting cases”. We have so many of these in Bendigo, so please bring along examples to the teaching sessions. These provide a great opportunity to explore cognitive processes, team interactions, evaluate investigations, reflect on best practices and gain perspectives from the team.

Our training program is planned throughout the year, with the aim to cover core medical expertise competencies, as well as the other curriculum domains.

You can expect during these teaching sessions.

  • High quality teaching sessions led by your DEMT team, covering a range of topics and including Procedural skills.
  • Regular Ultrasound teaching – aiming for a full session per term covering the 5 ACEM US modules, led by Dr Fahad Yousif, FACEM US lead, and our Sonographer Educator in ED (SEED), Karen Kilpatrick. There will also be shorter sessions throughout the year covering other US topics.
  • Regular Simulation sessions – 8-10 over the year. These are held at the Monash Simulation Centre, a high-fidelity facility, adjacent to the ED.
  • Monthly Joint Paediatric teaching sessions – held with our inpatient Paediatric team.
  • In-house Paediatric teaching, led by the DEMT team and our PEM Consultant Dr Annelise Staples.
  • Morbidity and Mortality meetings – once every second month these are incorporated into the teaching session. We use these to highlight whole-system thinking and quality improvement.
  • Guest presenters – these include our own in-house toxicologists, Speciality Unit presenters, Allied Health etc.

Whats-App group

This will be set up at the beginning of each year and modified throughout the year. This has been traditionally a great place to share interesting cases, especially investigations, so we can talk through the cases. Please remember to avoid posting any identifying patient details to the group and keep the discussion respectful. This will be monitored.

Exam Prep

Bendigo ED has a long and proud history of supporting Registrars though both their Primary and Fellowship Exams with a great success rate.  We have traditionally tailored the preparation programs to the needs of the groups sitting. We will run mock exams for every sitting. Head over the education resources page for more details.


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