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Being a Registrar in Bendigo

If being a Registrar is a new role for you then then step up into this position can be daunting.  We are a supportive team, used to training Registrars of all levels, so please always reach out for help if you need it. Here is a great article on stepping up into this role.

If you have been a Registrar for a while, but new to Bendigo – welcome. We pride ourselves in being a “can-do” department, we take ownership of our patients and procedures, and always aim for the best outcomes for our patients. You will get to see and do a lot here, we hope you enjoy it.

Shifts will be allocated as day shifts, evening or nights. Depending on staffing, we aim to always have 1-2 Registrars, always supported by an Emergency Consultant, in each of the Main and AC departments per shift. We will also have a Short Stay Consultant on shift, who can usually help support procedures and triage when their round is complete. At times we will have 4 Consultants on an evening shift, increasing the support provided. We also have an allocated Resus Registrar – we monitor this so that the spread of resus shifts is even.

Rosters, leave and swaps.

Dr Madeleine Harper, one of our ED trainees, is currently overseeing rostering of registrars in ED. Once finalised, the rosters will be sent to Aaron Monro, our administration assistant, to publish on findmyshift.com.au. They will always aim to have the roster published in a timely manner.

Annual leave and other leave

Annual and conference/study leave should be applied for at the beginning of the year, with as much notice as possible. The process for doing this is to submit requests to Dr Madeleine Harper. Your needs and request will be balanced against the needs of others and the department.   The ED Director has the final say on allocating leave. Leave forms are not required to be filled out.  Once approved, the leave appears on findmyshift.com – it is essential that you check that this has occurred to avoid any confusion.

Other leave, such as parental leave or other special paid leave should be applied for via a leave request form submitted to Di Price and ultimately approved and signed by the ED Director Dr Simon Smith.


Once the roster has been published on findmyshift.com, you are responsible for making your own roster swaps.  Please only swap with someone at the same level as you. The process is to email Aaron Monro, with Di Price and the person you are swapping with cc’d in.  If this is approved, you will be notified by email and the change will be published on findmyshift.com – please note that until the swap has been published it has not been confirmed and it remains your responsibility to resolve.

You will be paid for shifts on the original roster - if you arrange your own swaps and do more than 76 hours in a fortnight you will not be paid overtime.  This contrasts with extra shifts you pick up when the roster is short, in which case you will be paid overtime where it is due and is greatly appreciated by all of us.

Sick Leave

You MUST call 5454 8104 and inform the Consultant/Registrar in charge 24/7 AND send an email to Di Price. Please try to give as much notice as possible, especially for night shift.


TS4 Registrars

TS4 Registrars have some extra requirements and responsibilities as set out by the ACEM college. Please see this document explaining how we will assist you in meeting these requirements. 


Admitting Officer Phone

The Admitting Officer phone (5454 8104) is held by the ED Consultant in charge of the Main department. The in-charge senior Registrar holds this phone at night. We all hold a view that we should fulfil our role as a regional referral hospital and take pride in having a leading role in supporting our region.  If there is someone with a #NOF in Cohuna, there is only one place they should go, regardless of bed availability and we accept them into our ED. If you are holding the phone at any time (you should ask to hold it sometimes during the day as well as at night) be courteous, supportive and generally say “yes”.  Sometimes there may be opportunity to advise of an alternative option such as transfer in the morning, transfer to a Melbourne hospital if a specialist service is not available in Bendigo or referral to ARV/PETS if you ascertain the patient is unstable or has a time critical problem. Remember you are a specialist in training - your role is to contribute to problem solving and advice rather than to provide any barrier to patient care.

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