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All US request must be first approved by the ED consultant.

Monday to Friday 9-5

Talk directly to the ultrasonographer. Generally they are very accommodating. Patients who are likely to be discharged can wait in SSOU. Surgical patients who will be admitted should go to the ward if there is going to be a delay for ultrasound.  A porter can bring them back for the scan.

If the sonographer's schedule is full for the day and they think they will not be able to do the job and there is clinical urgency speak to the radiologist to resolve the issue.

After hours when the next day is a business day.

ED has some slots available for ultrasound each day (three on a Monday, two on other days). These are for patients who would normally have the ultrasound while in ED but are stable enough to go home and complete the consultation the next day (they are not for elective bookings!).  There is a booking sheet in the corridor behind the control panel for the general X-ray rooms. If you can't find it ask the radiographer (it only appears at close of normal business each day). Put a sticker on the booking sheet with the type of scan, ensure the patient's contact details are on the sticker, put the booking time on the ultrasound form and give it to the patient to bring with them.

All patients scanned in these slots must be seen in ED after the ultrasound to complete the consultation.

DO NOT scrub out existing appointments to replace them with your ultrasound request.

After hours when the next day is not a business day.

On weekends and public holidays the sonographer comes in and does a short list at approximately 1-2pm. Call the radiologist on call and discuss the case if you want access to this list.

Proper preparation of the patient is essential or the scan will NOT BE DONE

Below are attached the preparation requirements for some common scans. The same is included as a printable patient handout here. If you are printing it to give to a patient make sure you circle the scan in question and put a line through the others to avoid them preparing for all the scans!

Abdomen: For gall bladder, liver and pancreas.

6 Hour Fast – pt may drink water

Renal: For kidneys and bladder

Full bladder required – empty bladder 2 hours prior to appointment time, then drink 1 litre of water over the next ½ hour. Do not go to the toilet after this.

Pelvis: For uterus, ovaries and appendix

Full bladder required – see above

Obstetric 1st & 2nd Trimesters:

Full bladder required – see above

Obstetric 3rd trimester:

No preparation for this examination

DVT Study:

No preparation for this examination

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