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Important Contacts

Dr Simon Smith – Director of Emergency Medicine.  smsmith@bendigohealth.org.au

       5454 7714

The DEMT Team

Dr Richard Smith – Deputy Director     RDSmith@bendigohealth.org.au

The Admin team – nothing happens without them

The WBA coordinators

Dr Emma Paterson - Mentoring Coordinator.  EPaterson@bendigohealth.org.au

Dr Lorcan Taylor – Wellbeing coordinator        LBTaylor@bendigohealth.org.au

Dr Madeleine Harper – ED Registrar, Rostering coordinator  M.HARPER@bendigohealth.org.au

The DEMT Team

We are here to help. We will ensure that each of you are allocated a primary DEMT contact at the start of your time in Bendigo, irrespective of whether you are an ACEM trainee or not. Your allocated DEMT will be responsible for oversight and feedback, but please know that our door is always open, and you can always talk to any of us at any time.

Understanding the ACEM Training Program

If you are an ACEM Registrar, or planning to become one, it is vital that you understand the ACEM training program and your responsibilities. Eligibility requirement for the ACEM training program have changed in recent years, so understanding the requirements for application are essential. As an ACEM trainee please ensure that your placements, including your responsible DEMT, are logged at the start of term, ideally at the beginning of the year. Please review the eligibility requirements for exams you wish to sit and ensure that the application deadlines are met.  Your DEMTs are available to guide you at any time.

See the ACEM website tab for more information.

  • This page also has links to the colleges relevant policies and procedures.


It is vital that you understand the WBA requirements for each stage of your training, and pro-actively seek to complete these in a timely manner over each term. For mini-Cx’s and DOPS we will aim to provide opportunities on the floor, please advise the Consultants at the start of each shift if you plan to complete a WBA. The time after the 2pm handover, when there is double FACEM staffing, has been identified as an ideal time to complete these. The WBA coordinators will allocate you a FACEM to complete your CBDs.  Compliance with WBAs will be monitored at every 3monthly ITA.


Your DEMT will arrange an appropriate time to meet to complete an ITA every 3 months at the end of a term, ideally in the last 2 weeks of that term. Please ensure that you have filled out the Registrar reflection prior to meeting.

Feedback, Communication, Support


We’ll be communicating with you regularly in person, however all important information will be sent by departmental email – please ensure you read and respond where necessary to these. We will also highlight issues via our WhatsApp group, however email remains the formal communication modality.


There are several ways you can provide feedback and communicate with the teaching team. This can be about the teaching program, issues at work, or any other concerns. This equally applies to sharing personal information about yourselves that you might need to receive support.

Firstly – DEMTs and Simon - the door is always open.  Whether it is on the floor, in the teaching sessions, in the DEMT office, or by email/phone, you can always contact us. Real-time in-person feedback is often the most valuable and allows us to action and evaluate any immediate concerns, and to collate and respond to the trainees needs.

Other people you can talk to

  • The Bendigo Registrar Trainee Representative – they can collate feedback and feed this back to the SMS group, and give individual feedback to the DEMTs
  • Your Mentors – while the mentor-mentee relationship is confidential, they can guide and support you, and help you give feedback as necessary.
  • Any other Emergency Consultants


  • We send out 6 monthly anonymous surveys to the whole Registrar group. This is your chance to let us know how you feel about a range of topics. It is also a chance to feedback things that you may prefer to just say anonymously. Please know that we read them all thoroughly and we take everything said seriously.
  • The yearly ACEM survey – this usually comes out in November, and responses are seen and summarised by the ACEM training committee. This is then sent back to the leadership group usually mid-year the following year.


The DEMT group are in constant contact and share the feedback we receive so that we can respond consistently as a group. We keep this information only within the leadership group.

There are times where only one of us needs to know – we take confidentiality seriously, and will always respect it.


As always, while we hope you feel comfortable coming to any of us for help, or anyone listed above, there are a range of other resources available from the hospital, college, and other institutions.

For ACEM Registrars:

This page has link to trainee support resources at the college.

Trainee Support can be contacted by email: trainee.support@acem.org.au or phone: +61 3 9320 0428 / +61 3 8679 8874

Please also refer to the well-being page on edcentral.co.


We have a mentoring program for our registrars based on the framework of ACEM's mentoring initiative. We will give you the opportunity to pair with one of the senior doctors with the aim of you meeting with your mentor early in the term.  We try to avoid paired mentors and trainees having to do WBAs together and we also exclude the DEMTs from the mentoring system.  It is a great opportunity to touch base, feel connected, debrief, and have an additional support option during your term.

Dr Emma Paterson is our Mentoring Coordinator and will be in contact early in the year to arrange this is you wish. If you have any queries, please direct these to Emma on EPaterson@bendigohealth.org.au



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