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  • If you are an ACEM Registrar, or planning to become one, it is vital that you understand the ACEM training program and your responsibilities. The ACEM website also has a range of educational resources. The ACEM training program has had a recent overhaul and assessments and requirements have changed since 2022, understanding these changes is important.

    The ACEM homepage

    Emergency Registrar Training beyond 2022

    Please see here for training regulations, including transition planning for Registrars who started training prior to 2022. Transitions to the new training program will continue into early 2024

    This table is probably the easiest guide to your training requirements from 2022 onwards.

    Note that there are nuances that are not explained in the above table, Regulation G has more detail. It is vital that you understand these regulations, as trainees have been pulled up in the past for inadvertently not complying, which may risk accreditation of terms or eligibility to sit exams. In general all plans must be discussed with your DEMT. We will ask you to clarify with the ACEM training team if there are any questions, often by email so that you can keep their responses in writing. The best contact is training@acem.org.au

    The Member Portal

    Again, there has been a change to a new platform from 2022, with most trainees moving to this by mid 2024. We assume FACEMs will move to this as well in time. For Registrars, this is where your outstanding training requirements are set out, and where your WBAs and ITAs are entered and completed. 

    For Registrars, please note that FACEMs completing your WBAs may need to be directed to the new platform to complete your WBAs, as they are currently working across 2 platforms.  The old platform, still used by FACEMs at this stage, can be found here.

    Educational Resources

    This page has all the ACEM educational resources available, including information about examinations.

    One fantastic resource to point out are the Ultrasound modules here. Please also pop over to the Bendigo POCUS page for more information. 

    ACEM "Best of Web" resources page

    This page has links to a plethora of web educational resources, reviewed by ACEM members. It is a little unsorted but there is a lot there. 

    Trainee Support

    This page has link to trainee support resources at the college. 

    Trainee Support can be contacted by email: trainee.support@acem.org.au or phone: +61 3 9320 0428 / +61 3 8679 8874

    Relevant ACEM College Policies and Procedures

    Complaints Policy

    Discrimination, Bullying and Sexual Harassment Policy

    Policy on Procedural Fairness

    Procedures for Resolving Discrimination, Bullying and Sexual Harassment Complaints

    Whistleblower Policy

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