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Opportunities to get involved

There are many opportunities to get involved off-the-floor in Bendigo ED

Each year there is the opportunity to apply for the position of

  • Trainee Representative: this role involves liaising between the Registrar group and the DEMTs/Director. You are also invited to attend the Senior Doctors Meeting every month.
  • The HMO teaching co-ordinator: coordinating the HMO teaching every Wednesday
  • Registrar Roster Co-ordinator (this may change over every 2nd or 3rd year as needed)

There are also opportunities to be involved with EMET teaching and trauma team teaching.


  • We have a history of Registrars getting involved with joint committees (eg. The Trauma committee). Simon will notify the group when opportunities arise, please respond if interested

Research, Audit, Quality Opportunities

  • Dr Rachelle Abouchedid is our Research Co-ordinator, please contact her with any ideas, or if you have an interest getting involved.
  • Please see the ed-central research tab for more details


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