• Medical Orientation

Shift Routine

Shift Commencement

As a courtesy to colleagues, please ensure you are punctual.  8am handover is usually 08:00 rather than 08:06.  Always notify the in charge consultant (Main area) that you have arrived before you start work.


You cannot finish your shift until any patient physically in the department under your care is handed over to another doctor, even if they are about to go to the ward or home.  Handover should include a brief summary of the case, the explicit plan, and any outstanding management issues.  Patients should be handed over to the duty consultant or the night registrar.  If the duty consultant is busy they will nominate a person to hand over to.  Patients may not be handed over to residents or interns.

A formal department handover occurs at 0800 and 2300.  Handover at other times is at the end of your shift with the duty consultant.


Breaks are important for sanity and allow you to be safe and efficient.  Please inform the duty consultant when you are leaving the department for a break so that we don't spend ages looking for you to allocate another patient or tell you developments about patients under your care.

Discharge of Patients from Computer

You cannot finish your shift until all of your patients are discharged off iPM

The Director of the department is sent a SMS with your name if a patient is left on the screen for more than 18 hours.


You cannot finish your shift until your notes are complete.

Documentation of history, examination, investigation, management and discharge plan must be concisely and clearly documented.

Equally important is your documentation of who you talked to and when.  Please clearly document times you make referrals.  This is vital for many reasons such as when complaints, case reviews and flow issues arise and will save questions later.

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