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    What is Safewards ED project?

    Bendigo Health ED is one of two pilot ED sites to explore adapting the success of Safewards in mental health inpatient units to Emergency Departments. Peninsula Health is the other pilot site. The pilot project is for 2 years from June 2018-June 2020.

    The Safewards model is an internationally acclaimed mental health program aimed at reducing harm (conflict)  and reducing the restrictive response to events that can lead to harm (containment). The Safewards model originated in the UK, and following a successful trial was rolled out to all mental health services in Victoria. Staff and patients reported increased engagement, safety and confidence in preventing conflict, or reducing its impact. The results showed a (15%) reduction in conflict and a (24%) reduction in the need to contain conflict.  The Victorian trial also showed a  (36%) reduction in seclusion events and increased transformational and cultural impact. The need for a similar change was highlighted in the Emergency Department (ED).

    The Safewards pilot in ED focuses on all staff working in ED and all patients presenting to ED.  In the ED, patients are often acutely unwell on arrival, length of stay is short, turnover is rapid,  and rapport building time is limited. The 10 ED Safewards interventions have been adapted  to reflect this unique environment.Using an exploratory model, staff and patients in the ED have been challenged to look for ways of improving their interactions and enhancing their environment, using creative and simple measures. The 10 Safewards interventions for ED include 2 new interventions never trialled before and explore the potential reduction in restrictive interventions used for all patients who attend the ED.

    Safewards Model and 9 Interventions

    ED Safewards Overview model and Interventions ED trial Flyer

    Safewards ED Interventions commenced so far



    Safewards Talk Through Methods Poster

    Perception and Awareness poster - Delivering Bad News

    For more information on Safewards

    Safewards Victoria Website
    Safewards UK website

    Contact Monique Rosenbauer – Safewards Project Lead, Emergency Department, Bendigo Health

    Email - mrosenbauer@bendigohealth.org.au
    Phone - ext 7708

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