• Therapeutic Guidelines

    This is a link to the eTG provided by the Victorian Department of Health via the Clinicians Health Channel.

    To use it within a Victorian Public Hsopital or other computer with access to the CHC use the "In Hospital Use" link.

    To access it from home via your Athens login use the "Remote Access" link.

    If you have difficulties with your Athens login or do not have one please contact someone who cares. We just provide the link to this external content for your convenience.

    Ok, ok, we can do better than that. If you don't have an Athens login then here is what to do:

    Athens is an organisation that arranges access to all sorts of academic resources on the net. Different organisations pay for different content via Athens for their members (like some people have Foxtel sport, some have the movies too, some have the rude stuff and so on). The Victorian Department of Health pays for access to all the stuff that is on the CHC from any computer within a Victorian Public hospital and for employees of a Victorian Public Hospital to use from home via Athens.

    To register for an Athens user name and password go to the Registration and Access section of the CHC and follow the instructions. You will need to set it up at work and supply a work email address and each year you will need to renew your subscription with a work email address.

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