Physiology - Principles of Cellular function

2009/2: What are the major factors determining plasma glucose levels? List the hormones that effect plasma glucose levels.

2008/2: Describe the structure and function of the sodium potassium ATPase pump

2005/2: Describe the mechanism of transport across cell membranes. Give an example of active transport.

2005/2: How do cells communicate one to the other? How do receptors respond to variations in messengers? How do messengers act?

2005/2: What are the phases of protein synthesis? Describe the process of secretion of proteins from cells.

2003/1: List some ways in which substances are transported across cell membranes. Describe the sodium potassium pump. Give an example of secondary active transport.

2003/1: Describe the synthesis and metabolism of cAMP. Discuss the function of cAMP.

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