Physiology - Nervous System

2010/1: What is the basis of the resting membrane potential? Describe the ionic fluxes during the action potential.

2010/1: In the synapse, where can inhibition occur? What are the mechanisms involved?

2009/1: What factors determine cerebral blood flow? Describe the process of autoregulation.

2009/1: Describe the route followed by pain pathways from the periphery to the brain. What are the characteristics of the different types of pain fibres.

2009/1: Please describe the withdrawal reflex. What are the most important characteristics of the polysynaptic reflexes?. What is meant by the term prepotency of the withdrawal reflex?

2008/2: Describe the biosynthesis and storage of norepinephrine at the synaptic junction. How is norepinephrine removed from the synaptic junction?

2008/1: What factors determine cerebral blood flow? What substances are important for brain metabolism?

2007/2: What is nystagmus? Why does nystagmus occurs? How is nystagmus mediated?

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