Pharmacology - Analgesics and Anti-Inflammatories

2010/1: Describe the pharmacokinetics of Aspirin. What are the adverse effects of therapeutic doses of aspirin?

2010/1: Describe the mechanism of paracetamol hepatoxicity. What is the antidote and how does it work?

2010/1: Describe the effect of morphine on different opioid receptors. Describe the effects of morphine on different organ systems.

2009/2: What are the side effects of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents? What specific side effects occur with aspirin?

2007/2: Describe the pharmacokinetics of a single dose of oral paracetamol. How is paracetamol eliminated from the body? Describe the mechanism of liver damage caused by paracetamol toxicity.

2007/2: Describe the mechanism of action of colchicine. What are teh indications and dosage of colchicine?

2007/2: How is morphine metabolised? What opioid receptor sites does it act on? What is the mechanism of action at the cellular level?

2007/2: What is the mechanism of action of aspirin? Describe what happens to aspirin in the gut following oral administration. How is aspirin eliminated from the body? What are the adverse effects of aspirin?

2006/2: What are the pharmacological differences between dexamethasone and hydrocortisone? In what situations could you use dexamethasone?

2006/1: Outline the clinical features of salicylate toxicity. What are the acid-base disturbances in salicylate toxicity? Describe the enhanced elimination strategies employed in managing a patient with salicylate overdose.

2004/2: Describe paracetamol metabolism. Describe the mechanism of toxicity of paracetamol.

2003/2: Which drugs are cyclooxygenase inhibitors? What are their cellular and organ-level effects? What are the major adverse events of drugs in this class?

2003/2: With regard to aspirin, what are its pharmacokinetic properties? What are its adverse effects? What are its therapeutic indications?

2003/2: Regarding hydrocortisone, what are its pharmacodynamics? Describe the anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant effects of hydrocortisone. What are the effects of chronic steroid use?

2003/2: What is the mechanism of action of aspirin's antiplatelet action? What other types of antiplatelet agents are there? What are the clinical indications for antiplatelet agents?

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