Pathology - Respiratory

2010/1: What is the pathological definition of emphysema? Describe the pathogenesis of emphysema. What is the role of cigarette smoke?

2009/2: What disorders can precipitate the adult respiratory distress syndrome? What is the pathogenesis of ARDS? What are the outcomes of ARDS?

2009/1: Describe the relationship between asbestos exposure and malignant mesothelioma. Where can malignant mesothelioma arise?

2008/2: Describe the pathogenesis of tuberculosis in a previously unexposed immunocompetent person.

2007/2: What is emphysema? What are the anatomical types of emphysema? What is the pathogenesis of emphysema?

2006/1: What is meant by the term emphysema in relation to the lung? What are the major types of emphysema? Describe the pathogenesis of emphysema.

2005/1: How is Legionella acquired? What groups of patients are at risk of Legionella infection? How is Legionella diagnosed?

2005/1: What is secondary tuberculosis? What are the main features of secondary pulmonary infection?

2003/2: By what mechanism does smoking contribute to emphysema? What cancers can smoking predispose to?

2003/2: Describe the pathogenesis of primary tuberculosis.

2003/1: What is atypical pneumonia? What organisms are usually involved? Describe the clinical features.

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