Anatomy - Nervous System

2009/2: Name the structures your needle would pass through when performing a lumbar puncture using a midline approach. At what level would you do a LP in an adult and why?

2009/1: Name the intracranial structures that are visible on this non-contrast CT. Describe the posterior circulation of the brain. What areas of the brain do the main arteries of the posterior circulation supply?

2008/2: Please draw the circle of Willis. What areas of the brain does each branch supply?

2007/2: Describe the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. What are the functions of CSF?

2006/2: What is the blood supply of the cerebral hemispheres? What motor and sensory areas lie in distribution of the middle cerebral artery?

2003/1: Describe the structures that your needle would cross when performing a lumbar puncture via a midline approach.

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