Anatomy - Lower limb - Upper and Lower Leg

2010/1: Outline the course of the main fibular nerve and it's main branches.

2010/1: Describe the superficial venous drainage of the lower limb

2009/2: Using this model indicate the major ligaments of the knee and their attachments. What are the actions of these ligaments? What are the attachment of the menisci?

2009/1: Identify and describe the fibularis muscles. What are the actions of the fibular muscles. What joints are involved in inversion and eversion of the foot?

2008/2: Describe the features of the proximal end of this bone

2008/2: Describe the proximal tibulofibular joint . What structures can be damaged by direct trauma to the region of the proximal fibula? Describe the consequences of injury to the common peroneal nerve.

2008/2: Describe the superficial boundaries of the popliteal fossa. Using this photo demonstrate the contents. (Dissection of popliteal fossa) What is the distribution and supply of the common fibular nerve

2008/1: Demonstrate the bony features on this x-ray . Using the x-ray as a guide, describe the cruciate ligaments. What are the factors that contribute to stability of the knee joint.

2006/2: What factors are responsible for the stability of the patella? Describe the components of the quadriceps.

2006/1: Identify the bony features of the knee joint. What are the major ligaments of the knee joints? Demonstrate their attachments on the tibia? (?picture)

2006/1: Indicate the bony features of this x ray . Describe the capsular attachments of the knee. Which structures add stability to the joint?

2005/2: Here is a model of a knee. Could you point to the main ligaments? What is the most important stabilizing factor of the knee joint? Describe the main anatomical features of the cruciate ligaments.

2005/2: List the muscles in the posterior compartment of the leg/calf. (?model) Describe the origin and attachments of the gastrocnemius and soleus. What is the nerve supply to this group of muscles? Describe the course and branches of the tibial nerve in the leg.

2004/2: Identify the muscles responsible for flexion and extension of the knee on this model . What factors contribute to the stability of the patella?

2004/2: Identify the bony features of the knee joint shown on this x-ray . What are the features that contribute to stability of this joint?

2003/2: On this model demonstrate the movements of the bony components of the knee in going from flexion to extension when the foot is on the ground. Which muscles flex and extend the knee.

2003/1: Can you identify the major features on this x-ray? What factors contribute to stability of the patella?

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