Anatomy - Lower Limb - Hip

2010/1: Identify this bone and identify the significant bony landmarks of its proximal portion. What is the blood supply of the neck and head of the femur?

2009/2: Demonstrate the boundaries of the femoral triangle. Demonstrate its contents. What does the femoral nerve supply?

2008/1: Identify the boundaries and contents of the femoral triangle in this photo. Describe the branches and course of the femoral artery.

2007/2: Please name this bone and describe its proximal features. What factors contribute to the stability of the hip joint?

2007/1: Describe the dermatomes of the lower limb. Please describe the cutaneous nerves of the lower limb.

2006/1: Identify the femoral artery and related structures. Describe the surface markings of the femoral artery in the femoral triangle. Describe the anastamoses associated with the femoral artery.

2006/1: Could you outline the lower limb myotomes? What is the distribution of the femoral nerve?

2005/2: Identify the muscles that make up the femoral triangle and describe its contents. Please describe the course of the femoral artery the inguinal ligament of the popliteal fossa.

2005/1: Name the landmarks on the upper end of this bone. What is the blood supply to the head? What are the attachments of the capsule?

2004/2: What are the borders and contents of the femoral triangle? What are the branches of the femoral nerve?

2003/2: On this model demonstrate the factors maintaining stability of the hip joint. Describe the attachments of the iliofemoral ligament. Demonstrate the least stable position of the hip.

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