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    Mr Broughton Snell has started his plastic surgery practice in Bendigo in Feb 2014. He is a plastic surgeon who has done most of his training in Adelaide and has a special interest in facial trauma doing a facial fellowship in Seattle.

    Public Patients

    These are referred to Mr Snell via the surgical registrar.

    Private, Workcover and TAC patients

    These are referred directly to Mr Snell via phone if urgent or via his online referral system (these get followed up immediately in business hours). To make an online referral you must go to his website https://www.sandhurstplasticsurgery.com.au and go to the medical professionals tab. The username and password is "doctor".

    Of note Mr Snell prefers to operate on Mandibular fractures in a 24 hour time frame.

    If Broughton Snell is away

    Prior to Mr Snell's practice being established, General Surgeons and Orthopaedic Surgeons manages many hand fractures, extensor tendon injuries and terminalisations. Refer locally before referring to Melbourne and make sure the consultant is asked by the surgical registrar as the registrar may not be familiar with the general surgeon's skill set. The closest plastic surgery clinics are the Northern Hospital and the Western Hospital Sunshine. It is reasonable to revert to this referral pattern if there is no replacement service in place.

    Mr Ian Poker is still managing his share of facial injuries.